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TPE Granules

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the technical processing properties of thermoplastic plastics. The product manufacturing can be finished by the general plastic processing equipment without the hot vulcanization. This characteristic shortens the production process of rubber industry by one fourth, reduces the energy consumption by 25% ~ 40%, and increases the efficiency by 10 times ~ 20 times. It may be rated as another technological revolution of materials and processes in the rubber industry.

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Medical & Food TPE

This series compounds are medical and food grade , excellent resistant to chemicals, stable in low and high temperature .They have good sense of touch, widely used in medical tube, disposable infusion apparatus, gas mask, bottle stopper, and ear washing bulb, food utensils etc.They have high quality appearance , odorless or low odor . They are suitable for ETO or Gamma sterilization, being safe and non-toxic. The food applications inludes tableware handle, tableware spoon and fork, lid, anti-slip cup mat, and refrigerator ice cube tray, etc.The compound hardness and color can be customized .

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High transparent thermoplastic elastomer injection molding material


High transparent, high environmental protection, and high abrasion resistance, for the purpose of medical mask, blood bag, nipple, tool, and bearing caster etc.

High transparent thermoplastic elastomer extrudate


High transparent, high environmental protection, high abrasion resistance, and high strength, for the purpose of infusion apparatus, tourniquet, and special transparent extrusion products, etc.

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