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Marine Cable and Wire

More and more vessels have been made for expending global market recently . The ships cable and offshore facility cable exposed to the sea water and variable marine weather condition. They may bear continuous mechanical stress and UV radiation. Mega works out the reliable and durable polymer compound solutions for various marine cable application .

  • Marine LSHF cables
  • Marine elastomer cables
Marine LSHF cables

Marine cable works in a extreme condition in the sea. Mega LSHF compounds provide excellent performance involving high oil resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, erosion resistance and abrasion resistance. They can be used in both submarine cable and offshore oil platform cable . Also , our compounds can also be used in power transmission and signal transmission cable in ships.They are compliant with IEC60092-360, IEC60092-353 or GB9331.

Product name

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Thermoplastic low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheathing material for ship cables


Meet IEC60092-360 standard.

Irradiation cross-linking low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheathing material for ship cables


Meet IEC60092-360 standard, oil resistance

Irradiation cross-linking polyolefin insulating material for ship cables


Meet IEC60092-360 standard.

If your required materials are not included above, our customization service will meet your demands on materials.

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