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As the famous manufacturer of polymer modified materials, the stable operation and good reputation of Mega team has gained the trust of numerous cooperative partners in the domestic and overseas upstream supply chain for more than 10 years, to guarantee the long-term strategic development of the company. We wish to find the excellent and mature cooperative supply chain partners in the industry by this contact window, and jointly strive for the development of the polymer modification industry.

No. Purchased product Specification Unit Annual demands
1 PVC resin K=60,65,70 Ton 20000
2 PVC resin High degree of polymerization Ton 1000
3 EVA resin Various EV contents Ton 500
4 DOTP plasticizer Various Ton 1000
5 TOTM plasticizer Various Ton 1000
6 Polyester plasticizer Various Ton 300
7 LDPE resin Cable specification Ton 200
8 LLDPE resin Cable specification Ton 500
9 PP resin Cable specification Ton 100
10 EPDM resin Various Ton 500
11 POE resin Various Ton 500
12 Light calcium carbonate Various Ton 600
13 Heavy calcium carbonate Various Ton 500
14 Flame retardant Various Ton 500
15 Aluminum hydroxide Various Ton 300
16 Magnesium hydroxide Various Ton 100
17 PVC stabilizer Various Ton 500
18 Toner Various KG 200
19 Carbon black and titanium dioxide Various Ton 20
20 Processing agent Various Ton 100
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