Automotive Application

In the future, accident-free driving and zero emission vehicle is the trend in market, and artificial intelligence and information intergration will be more and more popular in automotive industry. The wire harness in the automotive are core of connection , coordinating the information with driver, power and artificial intelligent . The new technical and industrial standards are led into this industrial field rapidly and continuously. Mega compounds share a important role in insulation and jacket of automotive wire and cable , also they can be used in car mat and car door seal trips .

  • Automotive TPE Wire and Cable
  • Automotive LSHF Wire and Cable
  • Automotive PVC Wire and Cable
Automotive TPE Wire and Cable

This series compound have excellent touch feeling, good resistance to UV and chemicals, easy to colorize , and excellent processing performance. The compounds can be used at high and low temperature , with excellent fluidity, oil resistance, flexibility, and weather resistance. Application exampless: tire buffer, handle, steering wheel, dust cover and so on.

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Thermoplastic elastomer cable material


Non flame retardance, high speed extrusion, smooth wire surface, for the purpose of headphone cable, data line, and other electronic wires.

Flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer cable material


High flame retardance, minor cable meeting VW-1 requirements, smooth and fine wire surface, for the purpose of charging pile cable of the electric automobile, etc.

Flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer cable material


The electronic wires can be up to FT-2 grade of flame retardance, with high speed extrusion and smooth surface.

Thermoplastic elastomer sealing strip


High elasticity and high environmental protection, for the purpose of the sealing strips of refrigerator, automobile, doors and windows, etc.

If your required materials are not included above, our customization service will meet your demands on materials.

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